What is your Ideal Dress to Gain Height?



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As women, the unnecessary pressure to be a certain height or an ideal weight can make any girl vulnerable to purchasing that #LBD they’ve been eyeing for months. Understanding what works on for our individual body shapes can help us optimize the harmony of our proportions, leaving us feeling sexy and confident.

Forms of dresses

An A-line or bodycon dress is your go-to option to slender your figure, accenting your silhouette. To add flair and differentiate, dresses with a vertical zipper or an empire cut, that is, the cut just below the chest will highlight your assets as well.

The opposite is achieved when choosing a dress that has added volume which works against your curves. Some of the most common styles of dress found online include the wrap and shift dress. However, a wrap dress’s fabric is often superimposed due to the design’s rounded lines, adding unintended pinching in the midsection. Shift dresses do the opposite. Hanging off the body, this style brings little attention to any aspect of your figure. Furthermore, avoid full-length shift dresses which subtract height.


When choosing a plain colored dress, a dark color is your best option. It both slims and lengthen height. On the other hand, if you opt for a printed dress, choose between a vertical stripe, diplomatic stripe (thin vertical line) or spike (V-shaped that looks like a broken zigzag). Stick to prints with narrow lines, keeping in mind that not all vertical stripes stylize. Additionally, avoid stiff, shiny and bulky tissues.

Herring print


Color is the most important aspect of your wardrobe. It helps achieve the intended vertical line effect, brings symmetry and adds flair. Black never goes out of style and is the easiest color to coordinate with. A monochrome look will get a vertical line that stylizes you. Combining colors of the same intensity, that is, of the same range of blues, for example, is another way to achieve height.

Keep in mind that dark colors multiply these effects. It does not mean that you have to always wear simple and boring colors, you can play with different lines and fabrics.

Tip: Combine your dress with a high-heeled shoe; the higher the better. The thin heels will make you look taller and slender. Avoid heels that have a bracelet on the ankle, it will subtract the height you deserve. Adding a narrow belt can turn your everyday dress into your any occasion dress, bring attention to your waist and adding personal flare.

What to do if you do not feel comfortable with the heels?

If you like to stay comfortable with sneakers or a handkerchief, focus your attention on accessories to add your personal touch. Choose a purse with a short handle and is of medium size. An envelope bag is a perfect example but watches out on size. Avoid maxi handbags, these take up too much space in your final image and make you look shorter.

To achieve that sophisticated look, avoid large collars, as well as wide dial watches. Accessorize your wrist with several thin bracelets rather than a singular chunky bracelet. As for the earrings, you must choose a pair that flow upwards and has geometric shapes.

Choose a pair of shoes or sneakers that are comfortable for the occasion and will accent your outfit. Your shoes can be the statement piece or can be an accessory for the overall look.

As I said before, a wardrobe made up of colors from the same color range will make you look taller. For shoes, color can be the same or different and is the perfect way to create an outfit that is 100% you.

Source: Book What do I wear? From Elisabet Olivé and Montse Guals

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