About Us

Vudoir HUB S.L. is a technology startup of Barcelona created by Alina Franco.

Vudoir was born in February 2015 when we realized the current choice-overload problem. Companies and users are overwhelmed by the large assortment of options and information provided online; They become paralyzed and have difficulty deciding what to purchase.

We started our journey as a B2C company, understanding how a customer makes a decision and what their doubts are. We hit 70k MAUS (monthly active users) worldwide and use that qualitative data today to feed our value proposition for our B2B software solutions.

Vudoir allows e-commerce retailers to improve customer experience and increase sales by providing their customers with personalized expert advice that results in a purchase.

It’s a personal shopping assistant for the e-commerce experience. We started serving fashion & apparel, beauty, and home decoration retailers because these industries have demonstrated the choice overload problem and we have a demonstrated competitive advantage

Our Mission

Our mission is to elevate the online customer experience by providing revolutionary customer engagement and data analytics software to leading e-commerce retailers designed to help customers make decisions.

Our Locations

Napols 343, Entresuelo
A 08023 Barcelona

271 Greenwich Avenue
Greenwich, Connecticut,
NY 06830 USA

10 Sri Mahabodhi Road
Dehiwala, Colombo
Sri Lanka