Lingerie Guide: Underwear & Fasteners



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The most common mistake women make when bra shopping is buying the incorrect size without knowing. This can lead to unattractive looks and discomfort. In this article, we will go over how bra sizing works, the different types of bras, and what figures it compliments.

When we talk about the size of the bra, it consists of two elements: a number and a letter.

To prevent confusion, the number refers to the contour, that is, around the base of the chest, and the letter refers to the cup, which is determined by measuring the contour of the widest part of the chest.

(For example 90-B).

Here are the types of bra:

Plunge: This type of bra is characterized by having a V shape. Recommended for girls with little chest and small volume.

Heart: This bra is the easiest to recognize because it has a heart shape. Recommended for women with low volume on the chest.

Bandeau: This style of bra does not have straps, making it perfect for strapless garments. Recommended for girls with small breasts.

Half Cup: This bra features a cup that is medium-low height, low cut and U-shaped. Recommended for girls with firm breasts.

Full Cup: This is a very high cup bra and offers maximum support. Recommended for girls with fallen breasts.

Balconet: This bra rounds, joins, and enhances the chest. Recommended for all types of girls.

Balconett Tall: This bra is the same as the Balconett but with a higher sternum. It is ideal for girls with a lot of chest since it offers extra support.


Panties are also important in the world of lingerie. Just like bras, women often buy the wrong size, being forced to squeeze in them, receiving unwanted marks, or improperly stylizing our figure.

To know your size of panties you have to measure: waist and hip. The size guide goes with number and accompanied by letter (for example 38 / M)

These are the types of panties that exist and which are adapted to your body type :

Culotte: This style is ideal for girls with curves. They stylize the figure and provide comfort.

Highwaist: These panties favor girls with bulky buttocks and girls with a straight body. They stylize the gluteal area, it will make the legs look longer.

Brazilian: These are used to stylize the gluteal and are ideal for those girls who have low volume or want to contribute more.

Steep hip: These are wide knickers on the sides and typically lack seams. It will accentuate your figure and keep the curves, while minimizing underwear lines through your clothes.


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