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Safety when we were little we have used the typical hairpins that the majority they were much decorative. They became fashionable for several periods, but the most recent it was in 90’s, as yet, where the hairpins have returned in our lives.

The 2019 has become a year of trend, and this is one of them.

These have left out the facet of a few years ago, the most childish, to become the accessories of the moment. There are all kinds of hairpins: with pearls, with different colors and more. The options are endless and with these accessories we didn’t go unnoticed.

This accessory helps you keep your hair perfect and well combed.And also, the face is entirely uncovered. there isn’t a certain form to flaunt the hairpins, as all options are good.

This trend has evolved throughout this year, especially in its size. The last market

incorporations have been the “XXL hairpins”, which have been very successful. The influencers have introduced this accessory to complement the simplest looks, to bring more vitality and especially to join the trend of the moment.

A good outfit could be a total look with only one color or more than one but of the same range. So in this way, thanks to an accessory, we can get an ideal look.

Important brand like Gucci, Dior and others they have also introduced this accessory in its collections, they are like a jewel. One of these, it’s valued at 350€.

Not only luxury brand have joined this trend, even Inditex he has also decided to join with affordable prices.



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