¡ALERT NEW TREND! The tie – dye



It’s official, the tie-dye has returned, and it hopes to stay a long seaso and it is a very characteristic print, you will love it or you will hate it.


The tie-dye is a type of print that literally means “tie-dye”. As the same name indicates, the garment is tied and dyed with different colors forming a very peculiar and different pattern in each case, since it depends on the number of knots, where they are located and the colors used. Keep in mind that it does not stop being a print, so I recommend you combine it with tight and smooth clothes to compensate for the volume it brings!

It is a trend that already began to be seen on the catwalks of last September where the collections for spring / summer 2019 were presented.



In addition, although it seems that tie-dye is a purely informal print, it is not like that! You can combine in more formal looks.

We already find this pattern in all the clothing stores, and we can see it in any type of garments such as: shirts, shirts, dresses, skirts, pants or bags. If you like the pattern but do not dare to wear it in the garments, I recommend you wear it in caps, bags and, even, in shoes!

Next, I’ll show you a few items with this pattern and how to combine them:







And this trend is not only found in clothes, we can also see it in the nails! They are ideal to give a different color to your looks and, I can assure you that you will not go unnoticed!

I hope that my recommendations have helped you, and do not forget that this trend has come to stay so this summer the tie – dye will be seen in more than one swimsuit! Get one with you now to be the first to mark the first days of the beach!

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