A First Date?



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We’ve all been through that moment sometime. It is an exciting occasion, but it is uncomfortable at the same time because, even though we have talked with that person for hours or we have known for a long time, there is always that fear of what will happen on the first date. We have the keys to make the appointment a success and your look too.

On a first date you can use any style while you feel comfortable, it depends on where the date is, how is your style of dress or if you are going to take something and walk will be different styles.

If the appointment is in a park or you are going to drink something, what we recommend is to go comfortable, and to your liking. We recommend giving it a cool look, a white shirt with black skinny jeans; as accessories, we can choose both sneakers that give a more street style to the set as well as high-heeled shoes that give it a feminine aspect.

To finish the look you can use a handbag and sunglasses, but do not abuse them. Although sunglasses often favor the face and bring sophistication to the look, they hide the eyes, put distance and do not allow reading some important emotions on that first date.

For an appointment in a restaurant you can go with a black dress adjusted to the body as it gives a sexy and romantic touch to look for a perfect date, but we advise you not to be very low-cut and do not recharge it with many accessories because it loses the essence of the dress.

If you do not want to go so arranged you can choose a dress pants with a simple tank top since the pants give a formal touch, some heeled shoes would look great in your look.

Each person feels comfortable with their style and their way of wearing clothes and accessories, but we also recommend that sometimes you are a bit daring as it makes you feel more alive and, even if you are a bit afraid to put on a set or a piece of clothing that you have never worn, changing some aspect of your look will help you feel special.

Surely these tips will help you have a perfect date.

Do not give up on your clothes!




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