F.A.Q. for fashion, beauty and home decoration
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Vudoir is a Social-Fashion App that allows you to post different outfit options and receive feedback from other shoppers or style experts. They can help you with color, style, or occassion. Once you downloaded the App, register your profile and start voting the pictures you like the most and create your own posts.

You can delete your Account and all the pictures you uploaded as a user, by sending a request to [email protected] We will handle your request within three business days.

Vudoir is a visual App, meaning it relies on images. Every time you create a Vudoir or open the timeline to view other Vudoirs, the App is using the available data connection to load all the images from remote. We prioritize high-quality images to provide each user with a luxurious experience. You will notice that the loading speed depends on the quality of the connection. We are working hard to reduce the connectivity needs to improve the performances without decreasing the quality of the images. Every update will bring you better results, so - please - update the App every time a new version becomes available.

In order to create a Vudoir, you will need to grant access to your camera and to your camera roll. We ask you to allow push notifications to get the full Vudoir experience. Remember that, in case you don't want to receive notifications, you can disable them from the "App settings" menu in your Profile section.

To create a post (a "Vudoir"), log in into your account and tap the yellow button in the middle of the lower buttons-bar. In the first screen that will appear, you will be able to: - upload the two pictures between which you want the users of the Vudoir community to vote (you can either shoot them or load existing ones from your gallery) - write a caption to help the others to understand what is the occasion - define a time within which you need to get the feedback - decide if you want other users to be able to share your Vudoir on other social networks. Once you have set all of the above, just hit the NEXT button on the upper right corner and you will see the second (and last) screen of the Vudoir creation process. In this screen you can - see a summary of the Vudoir you are creating - set the location related to the Vudoir you are creating (you will be asked to grant the access to the location info) - share the Vudoir on other social networks. Once ready, just tap on the POST button and your Vudoir will appear at the top of the timeline. Trust us, is faster to do it than to read this detailed explanation!

Voting a Vudoir is very easy: just tap on the picture you like. Once done, the App will register your vote and show you the following post. Please note that you can only vote on a Vudoir once and your vote cannot be changed. Tip:You can tap and hold your finger on one of the two pictures to enlarge the image!

Setting the time within which you need to receive feedback helps others understand your urgency. Imagine that you have to go to a party tonight at 22:00. If you post your Vudoir around 17:00 you need to have a feedback within 21:00, right? Note: The longest time you can set is one week while the shortest is five minutes

You can share your Vudoir during the creation (in the last screen of the process) or by tapping on the sharing button once it's created. You can also share a Vudoir of another user in case that user allowed that during the Vudoir creation process (in the first screen of the Vudoir creation, to be precise). Currently we support sharing on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google+, and e-mail.

Commenting a Vudoir post is quite simple: just tap the message icon right below the two pictures and you will access the comments screen. You can read comments from other users and post your own as well. We recommend our users to be always respectful of other people, their opinion and the content. We want you to feel at home when in Vudoir, so treat the community in the way you would treat your family.

F.A.Q. for fashion, beauty and home decoration
Download it for free!

The Personal Shopper is committed to comply with the law governing the taxation of the rewards obtained through Vudoir. The Personal Shopper declares that he/she is solely responsible for this taxation, so Vudoir is exempted from any fiscal responsibility derived from the payment of the rewards obtained.

The Personal Shoppers are obliged to comply with a code of ethical conduct in their advice, both online, through the Vudoir App, and offline, for the services contracted through the Vudoir website. Vudoir reserves the right to transfer a Personal Shopper to Level R automatically in case of breach of said Ethic Code. The rules are as follows (many of the rules apply only to the online activities of the Personal Shoppers): 1) You must act with ethics and advise the product that seems best for the End User (that is, the user who is creating the post through the Vudoir widget installed on the Client's website) and not the product that the Client needs to sell more or the most expensive. 2) Negative comments are not allowed. Swearing or using impolite words is not tolerated. 3) The Personal Shopper can abstain from voting/commenting whenever he wants. In case he/she comments, he cannot say that he does not like any of the proposed items. The End User expects a constructive feedback tailored to his two options. 4) References to other websites or any other kind of link are not allowed. 5) Avoid any grammatical and typographical mistakes. 6) Pay attention to what the End User's needs. For example, if theEnd User asks: "Which dress is best for a wedding that starts at mid-afternoon?" The Personal Shopper can not answer "The dress on the right is beautiful" but has to comment something like: "the right one is more appropriate for a wedding that starts mid-afternoon considering the length of the dress". 7) The type of comment shall be adapted to the type of Client. For example, if the client assigned belongs to the luxury sector and its target audience is people over 45 years of age, it will not be appropriate to answer in a informal tone such as: "This bag is cool!" 8) Applicable Laws cannot be infringed while commenting (for example, inciting hatred, racism, sexism). 9) Personal data such as telephone, email address, etc., cannot be given through comments. 10) The comment shall be in the same language used by the user of the widget or, if unknown because there is no description of the post, in the language of the Country where the eCommerce is located. 11) The comment must be constructive, with the goal of helping the user closing the options and taking the purchase decision. The Personal Shopper shall not open the options by offering more products or other substitutes of the options chosen by the user. 12) The Personal Shopper shall never lie about their experience. Nor during the Vudoir approval process, nor while giving the second opinion. 13) The Personal Shopper cannot answer questions about the devolution policy, payment methods, or other operational or stock topics, unless expressly authorized in the Personal Shoppers Program Sheet with the key phrase: Feedback on Operations authorized. 14) Vudoir reserves the right not to work with employees of the physical stores of its customer (the eCommerce) in case Vudoir considers that this may imply a conflict of interest within the customer organization or go against its internal policies.

In order to contribute to our blog, you need to be part of our Personal Shoppers Program at one of these levels: V,U,D,O. Simply send an email to [email protected] with your article. We will review it as soon as possible (sometimes we can take a little longer than we would like, please be patient!) and we will publish it, giving you full credit and mentioning your Vudoir username as well.

The privacy policy stated in previous questions is the one that applies.

As a Personal Shopper, the Terms & Condition of the program apply to you. As a user of the Vudoir App, the General Terms & Conditions apply to you as well.

Simply send an email to [email protected] with the subject: DELETE ACCOUNT and, within 2 business days, we will remove it. Please note that we might keep certain data associated with your account in compliance with data protection regulations.

In order to get rewarded for the provision of the service, the authorized Personal Shopper shall vote and comment the post created from the eCommerce of the assigned Client while the post timer is still active (the countdown is still above zero). - The comment shall be in accordance with the Ethic Code. - The Personal Shopper must first vote the preferred option and, right after, comment the post. - The comment must contain at least 80 characters, without counting the spaces. - The 80 characters can be in a single comment or in several comments on the same post. - Comment when the post is active. Generally, a post lasts 3 minutes but its creator can stop it sooner if he/she wants. Important note: Since you cannot erase a comment, think carefull to what you want to say. If you did a notable mistake, send an email to [email protected] and we will eliminate it as soon as possible.

If you are already part of the Personal Shoppers Program, you will receive the rewards upon reaching 200 valid comments. We will transfer the rewards on the 10th day of the month after you have reached 200 valid comments (Pay-Day). For example, if on February 23 you have reached 200 valid comments, on the 10th working day of the following month (on March 10 if it was a working day) we will send the transfer to your Stripe (or Paypal) account for the 200 valid comments received until February 23. Therefore, if on March 10 you have accumulated 250 valid comments, we will make the transfer for the first 200 and the remaining 50 will be rewarded when you add 150 more (200 in total).

All liability arising from the breach of the Terms & Conditions of the Personal Shoppers Program as a Personal Shopper or the General Terms and Conditions of the App, as well as the breach of the Privacy Policy. In these cases, the Personal Shopper or User will leave Vudoir untouched in relation to claims, damages and losses caused to third parties for its infringement by action or omission and in any case, complaint to claim against Vudoir any damage or loss of the User o Personal Shopper if there has been a breach by you of the regulations referred to above and provided that such regulations are in accordance with the legal regulations in force at the time of committing the infringement. Vudoir reserves the right to claim damages suffered by Vudoir or by third parties in that context.

The responsibility is explained in the Terms & Conditions of the Personal Shoppers Program. The Personal Shopper is also obliged to read, know, and respect the Terms & Conditions of the eCommerce website.

When you apply to the Personal Shoppers Program, you will tell us the languages you speak. We will assign you only Clients (eCommerce retailers) with users speaking these languages.

F.A.Q. for fashion, beauty and home decoration
Download it for free!

The Vudoir OneDecision is a personalized, real-time stylist helping customers make a decision while shopping on their favorite online retailer. Tip: if you are a customer in need of a second opinion, but your favorite e-Commerce does not have Vudoir OneDecision yet, drop us an e-mail at [email protected] We will contact them immediatelly! :)

While surfing on the e-Commerce, the cusomter sees an icon with a balloon message saying something similar to "If you want a second opinion, click here." On desktop: Once clicked on the icon, a widget will open up, inviting the person to drag and drop two pictures of two different products and add a description of the doubt, if they would like. When dragging in the second picture, a post will be automatically created inside the Vudoir App and the community will start voting and commenting. The creator of the post will receive a real time feedback (votes and stylists comments) without leaving the desktop shopping experience. On mobile or tablet: Once clicked on the icon, a widget will open up, inviting the person to select two pictures of two different products from a carousel of available pictures and add a description of the doubt. When selecting the second picture, a post will be automatically created inside the Vudoir App and the community will start voting and commenting. The creator of the post will receive a real time feedback (votes and stylists comments) without leaving the mobile shopping experience. Can

Of Course! Once your OneDecision account is created, we provide you with your OneDecision Manager (ODM) account. The ODM is a web console from which you will be able to configure every little detail of your widget. If you need any help in setting up your account, contact our support at [email protected] They will be happy to help! :)

Yes! Go to your OneDecision manager account, scroll down to the widget list and click on "Stats." You will be able to see a summary of your users behaviors, devices, conversions and post. In case you want the whole data set in a friendly format, just download all the data in Microsoft Excel format.