What Red Lipstick Favors You According to Your Physical Characteristics?



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We all know that the classic red lipstick is a must in any make-up bag. We can use it both on formal occasions, as at parties, at night and to give a chic touch to your casual outfits.

There are many famous who choose red lipsticks, as it is a very recurrent and flattering color and has been the protagonist of many looks of artists of the moment. But do we know what lipstick is the ideal according to the physical characteristics we have? Here are some tips so that in your next purchase beauty do not think about it.

Strawberry Red

Perfect for fair-complexioned girls with blonde hair. Strawberry red provides a touch of sweetness and innocence to your face. One of the celebrities to whom this color of lipstick is phenomenal is Gigi Hadid.

Dark red

Artists like Penélope Cruz opt for the dark red, colors that fit perfectly in autumn climates and it costs to see them a little more in summer. Althoughlips are vamp always very sexy at night or in party looks. This range of red is ideal for women with full lips, since dark colors make the lips look thinner than usual.

Wine red

Burgundy tones are ideal for brunette or brown hair girls. It is a very flattering and versatile color range. We have seen multiple times the famous actress, Blanca Suarez, using these tonalities in their makeup. And by the way, you feel great!


red It is the brightest and most saturated red of all. It is not advisable for girls with small jaws, since these passionate colors take all the limelight and it may seem that they “eat their faces”. That’s why it’s perfect for women with a square or wide face. Angelina Jolie looks fantastic.



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