What jewels wear in a ceremony look



It’s spring and this means one thing: The wedding season is coming! As guests, we want to go perfect from the dress, makeup and hairdressing to complements, not forgetting that the real protagonist and who should stand out in the link is the bride.

An important point to remember: better not wear a styling with features that remind the bride (for example, a dress with a white skirt).

As for the jewels, first of all, we must know the style that we will exhibit at the wedding, since we will not wear the same jewels if our dress contains classic/elegant or boho aesthetics.

The tonalities can vary depending on the type of wedding (beach or mountain), the timetable (day or night) or the dress. I recommend you follow a harmony. Aesthetically It does not look good to combine gold jewelry with silver (especially gold earrings and a silver necklace, or vice versa). A small exception could be the use of earrings of a cold metal (silver) with a golden ring, reciprocally, since being two pieces away from each other, can go unnoticed. However, I suggest that all jewels follow the same lines in terms of color.

An Essential Gem (especially if you are inclined to a pickup) are the earrings. These pieces bring luminosity to the face and stylize. The long earrings will lengthen your neck providing vertically, a very good choice for dresses with strapless neckline. Ideally, do not use collars (and if used, fine). Do Not Use this type of jewel with excessive touches. Less is more.



If you intend to wear short earrings (pearls or you and I) will be responsible for bringing splendor to the area. In this case, you can choose fine or large necklaces.


If We talk about watches, the protocol specifies that women only have to wear small watch or jewel watch.



Watch from Chanel

In men’s clothing, it happens exactly as with women’s: do not recharge with jewels. Just a good watch (and if you prefer, the use of twins is not too much).



Twins from El Corte Ingles

Remember that, above all, you must be true to your style and personality. Wearing a large amount of jewellery is excessive and could alter the role of clothing. Less is more!

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