So many options!



How can we pick what we need online ?

Internet can be a pretty intimidating place to shop, not only because of the millions of brands available but also once you enter a website, its an entire universe of products, categories, pages, links and so on.

I myself have felt overwhelmed and have entered a website with the intention of spending money in something and ended up turning off the phone or computer and ended up empty handed.

I felt like I was entering a store that had 50 aisles , in each aisle at least 50 stands , and in each stand countless merchandise , and to top it off, no employees in the store to help me? E-commerce can sometimes feels likes this.

I know I ́m not the only one who has felt this way, in fact out of 100 visitors of spanish online stores only 1 person ends up buying a product. This problem called choice overload is becoming viral and needs to be controlled.

Vudoir focus on solving this problem. It’s not affordable to have a website that only has 1 sell every 100 visitors. It’s hard enough to get visitors in your website, and once they finally enter your site , there is a 99 % chance he or she will leave empty handed.

Think of Vudoir as your personal online shopping assistant. We will help fight this choice overload and improve your website’s conversion rate up to 5 times. Meaning out of 100 visitors, 5 will complete purchases.

Ask us anything and we will help your visitors choose what to buy in the most personalized and professional way. Our widget will boost your sales offering real time advice to visitors, combining artificial intelligence and the expertise of a team of personal shoppers , we can guarantee your clients will not feel abandoned or lost. We can offer a seamless experience that will improve your E-commerce and make your website stand out from the rest.



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