Vegan fashion

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A vegan diet is one that excludes all food that comes from an animal. In recent years this lifestyle has spread and has been reaching more people and more sectors, including fashion.

Fashion items that have not been made with animal skins or other elements that come from these as wool and leather, that’s what vegan fashion is all about. Many recognized designers have joined veganism and have replaced these elements of animal origin with materials and fabrics of vegetable origin, mineral and even recycled elements to make their garments. Stella McCartney was among the first to join this initiative, but has been followed by other well-known companies such as Hugo Boss, Armani, Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger and Gucci.

This initiative does not only focus on avoiding materials from animals, but also tries to eliminate materials that may be harmful to the planet, such as those that are formed with oil that is a non-biodegradable element.

Clearly a garment made with animal skin will not have the same appearance as a synthetic, although you can find very good imitations and very good quality. Sometimes it is difficult to find stores that sell these garments, then we attach a link with a list of 5 stores where you will find vegan clothing:

Getting into the world of veganism for food can be a bit difficult,

but you can always start with fashion!


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