Tie trend and how to apply them in your



The ties are one of the accessories that never go unnoticed, it is a classic and romantic detail that will elevate your looks!

In dresses, shirts, pants and even shoes. The ties sneak into our closet imposing itself as one of the star trends of this season. They can perfectly replace any accessory, the ties bring an extra femininity to each garment to which they are incorporated.

We can see them in the neck or the sleeves of dresses, shirts, even in accessories. One of the trends that is most fashionable in recent months is to close the sleeves using a series of small loops.



In the East there are multiple superstitions related to the use of knots and ties at the time of dressing, this type of elements is identified as ties, but in a negative sense, making reference to that they can suppose an obstacle for certain tasks.

The ties can be excessively sober or constitute a sweet way to wrap the mischief, as with many garments and accessories do not have the same result in all people. Some with more success and others with less use the bow as a decorative resource, which aims to give a touch of distinction to the garment.

Then I will leave you two looks with which you can apply different types of loops in different garments:



Simple elegance The simplest and most elegant formula can be found in a pretty denim and a blouse with a great lacing of soft tones such as pastel colors.



Zara Collection 2019

Midi dress

It also works in a midi dress without print, a nude color. Carrying the loose loop behind the neck and closing the sleeves using a small loop as I said above.

Zara Collection 2019



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