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Artificial intelligence, augmented reality, scanning and smart applications are helping retailers detect patterns and predict customer preferences, but despite the fact that technology has improved the shopping experience, consumers often leave dissatisfied . Companies are focused on technology but do not focus on aspects of the customer experience that are most significant.

The results of a recent PwC Consumer Intelligence Series (CIS) survey of 15,000 global consumers confirm that the human touch remains important. Seventy-five percent of respondents want more human interaction in the future, not less. In addition, almost three quarters of shoppers say that the customer experience is more important than the price and quality of the product when it comes to buying decisions; 65 percent of American consumers say that a positive experience with a brand is more influential than excellent advertising.

Technology will continue to be critical for retailers’ ability to understand and predict customer behavior. But none of these high-tech capabilities would be possible without people.

This is a moment of revival and reinvention for retailers capable and willing to offer the experience that customers increasingly demand.

Tips to get started

Inspire a trading community. Innovative retailers understand the importance of creating a welcoming environment where shoppers enjoy spending their time as much as their money. Today’s reinvented store is a trading community: an outlet for product discovery, a forum to educate and entertain, and a channel to strengthen the brand.

The omnichannel experience makes good business sense, considering that online sales still account for only 10 percent of major retail sales. Even Amazon is blurring the lines between online and offline retail with the launch of its first Amazon Go in Seattle, a grocery store without a cashier, but with employees on site to help solve problems, locate items and prepare Meals for purchase.

Create a culture that empowers employees

Even when technology plays a more important role, the most successful retailers understand that employees are the connective tissue in the retail experience. The risk of not making the human element correct is significant: the PwC CIS survey found that 56 percent of shoppers will depart from their favorite products or brands after several bad experiences, and 32 percent will walk after Just a bad experience. Meanwhile, 53 percent of respondents in the PwC Global Consumer Insights study reported that interaction with informed and helpful sellers gave them the greatest satisfaction as buyers, a higher percentage than those who mentioned technology-enabled experiences, such as Custom offers or in-store displays that show a wide range of products.

Ultimately, the human element remains essential for customer interactions, even if it is integrated into automation, artificial intelligence, advanced analysis or other technologies. Premium buyers who are willing to pay, as well as the value of their loyalty, join the companies that heed the call to a customer experience that depends on the human connection. This is the reason why Vudoir is the perfect match for your customer ecommerce satisfaction.



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