The ideal complement for the spring of 2019



The ideal complement for the spring of 2019

The complements are ideal to give the final touch to your looks and this spring they take up great fashion classics. You can see some examples here.

The ties in the hair

This add as what we saw it last year and this spring is more strongly .

From the classic basic tie of neutral colors or velvet, to very colorful and striking silk foulards . With this garment you will give a ” twist” touch to a flat and basic outfit.


With greater notoriety and with a unique extravagance, this will be the new way of wearing them. Combine them with sequins and colors. Dare and give that “mix” to your looks.

The bags “fishnet”

These bags, which already saw last year, made of fabric of network back this season but with greater force because not only you will see it in bags but also in style dresses boho.

The pearls are back

Now you will not only see it in your jewelery, but in garments such as jerseys, shirts, bags and shoes, to give a preppy and luminous touch to your look.


The improved leather jacket

The classic biker-style leather jackets adjusted to your body are forgotten, because now they are worn in an XL format. Ideal for you to wear it in your chicstyle this spring.



The cardigans

Such a basic garment takes flight and begins its resurgence in fashion, now they are buttoned and closed directly or with a top lingerie and high-top jeans. I love!



Finally I recommend that, if you want to encourage you to wear any of these accessories or clothes, opt for a brand “low cost” to go testing and introducing in your day to day, the most important thing is that you feel comfortable to be see reflected in your attitude.

I hope you found this post helpful and interesting. See you soon in another post.

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