Sweetheart Neckline

Hey there! Here I come with another delivery of the Neckline Series! Today I will talk about the sweetheart neckline… what is it? what it’s for? on who looks good?

The sweetheart neckline is very flattering and feminine allows to see much of the chest and collarbone. Its name is due to the heart shape it creates in the cleavage.

Enhances the shape of the chest and holds it so that it creates a push-up effect and adapts to practically all types of bodies and shoulders. You can find it in different ways: with or without straps, sleeves (short or long), even with the illusion effect (a mesh or transparency).

This low neckline allows a lot of styling of the neck because it does not shorten it. The neckline heart favors girls with large and small breasts because it has a great ability to adapt to the figure, however it is necessary to take into account that in general terms it helps to enhance rather than to disguise.

Since it is very versatile, we give you a short summary of how you can make the most of this cleavage according to your typology:

Typology of reversed triangle:

If you have this typology you need to visually widen the hip area to balance your figure.

The ideal would be to wear the cleavage of the heart in a bicolor dress (dark above to style) where the lower part has more volume or attention pickers.

For example:




A dress like this will help you tighten your waist and dark tone at the top will help you style, while the lower area that is lighter will take all the attention and give you the volume you need.

Rectangular typology:

This body is a balance between the shoulders, waist and hip as there is no difference in cms between them, so to get the so-called ideal figure (hourglass) you will have to widen your shoulders and hip and mark your waist.

You can make the most of this cleavage with a dress that girds the waist and has a loose drop on the skirt part.

For example:



This dress is ideal to give that volume to the hips and shoulders and mark the waist, thus creating a curvilinear effect.

Typology of hourglass:

This typology does not need corrections because its shoulders and hips are balanced with a pronounced waist. The hourglass typology is the current ideal of beauty, so just make sure you don’t break the balance and shape your body already has, unless you want it!

You can use all the variants of the sweetheart neckline and this will allow you to play a lot with your outfits and create a large wardrobe background.

For example:



By wearing tight dresses you will mark your figure. If they are smooth you will keep your volume and if you play with the prints you can give more importance to your hip or your chest.

Triangular typology:

People with triangular bodies have narrower shoulders than the hip, so they need to add volume or enhance the upper part of the body to visually balance it.

The sweetheart neckline will help you to broaden your shoulders and you can play with its variants: word of honor, boat, braces …I recommend you to wear skirts or pants with straight cuts or tight lines with neutral colors so the attention grabber is in the upper zone.

For example:




This heart neckline with illusion effect will greatly enhance the area of your chest and highlight your shoulders, plus the pattern it presents will help to bring more visual volume to your upper area.

As you have seen there are many options to use this neck, use the one that suits better on your body. If you want to know more about necklines, keep an eye on this Neckline Series.

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