¿Suits and sneakers? Say YES!



The world it has been evolving and especially the fashion. The suit with shoes nowadays it has become in an outfit more frequent in menswear. Gives an informal touch and carefree.

Even modernizing, we have considered that he formal events are not the most appropriate to use sneakers. The key is to use correctly the combination to suit with shoes. The style of shoes is very important. It’s advisable discard the classic running shoes or similar. For this reason, it’s preferable the urban and minimalist shoes, it will give a modern look.



It’s better to use low sneakers because the high sneakers can cause problems with the bottom of the pants.

A good option of shoes are whites. For example, the Nike Court Royale; they offer a retro and comfortable look, without losing the style. Also, the white color highlight with the dark suit.

 Nike Court Royale, NIKE
On the other land, you could also use black shoes or another similar color. These are simpler and discreet; a good option is the Puma Mode Smash V2.
Puma Mode Smash V2, PUMA

Can also be used other colors, for example brown, purple and others.

Not all suits are appropriate to combination with sneakers. Luckily, nowadays there are so many suits with different cuts. The tight suits always work better with sneakers!

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