Stylish Look to do Yoga? It’s Possible!


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How many times have you said the phrase “I do not know what to wear” when doing yoga?

We associate sports with not being stylish, that is why I bring you this article so that you can go with a total look at the time of practicing it.

First of all you have to look for comfort, do not wear very tight clothes on top because it will not allow you to move with enough freedom that you need. Use shirts that are made of cotton, tops or even monkeys. Then I will recommend whaté typetop, pants or jumpsuit according to your body type.

The tops and jumpsuit are novelty garments that began to become fashionable a few years ago.

Here I leave you what type of top favors you according to your body and chest:

Tops in straight form: Ideal for girls with a triangle-like silhouette, will bring amplitude to the shoulders.

Tops round neck: Ideal for girls with little chest.

V-neck tops: Ideal for girls with bulky breasts.

In the lower part you can opt for leggings, they are comfortable and it is the piece of clothing that is most used to do yoga.

Short girls: you will favor a whole legging that reaches the ankle. This will make you look taller and favor your figure.

Tall girls: you can choose the “cyclist” style, they are the ones that reach the knee. It will do all the opposite, shorten your figure and stylize you.

To the thin legs the prints or horizontal stripes will bring you volume and those with short legs, try with light and smooth colors, this will make your leg look a little longer.

Jumpsuits are a star piece, since as its name indicates, being one piece they adapt to the shape of your body. At the time of dressing, look at your necklines.


The V-neckline favors girls with bulky breasts, will mark and stylize your body.

The neckline in U or straight favors girls with little chest.

For girls who have wide shoulders I recommend you wear overalls with wide straps, it will help you to hide them, no thin straps since you will do all the opposite.

As a final touch of the look I will talk about sports. There are many models of these: lisas,patterned, lights,heavy choose what makes you feel more comfortable.

To the short girls we recommend that your sport has a slight platform, so that you stylize the figure and see you a little higher. In tall girls wear ones that have enough platform, do not look for a totally flat sole as this can cause back pain.



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