Round Neckline

Good morning! Today we start a new series of necklines. You all know that according to the type of chest that you have will favor you more one or the other and there’s so many necklines as types of t-shirts you can find in the store. That’s why I’m here.



This time we’ll show you the round neckline… what is it? what it’s for? and who looks good?

Round neckline or scoop neckline is the typical that you can find in basic t-shirts as its own name indicates is a round neck which lightly grazes the neck and covers the shoulders completely.




This type of neck always keeps the same opening, the variation you can find of it is: a round collar shirt with no sleeves.

As this is not a high or low neck, it does not shorten or stylize the neck, so you will visually see the neck you have (neither more nor less).

The round neck visually enlarges the shoulders, as well as the chest area, so it is recommended in girls with little chest. Given its characteristics and what this neck highlights is recommended in girls of: triangular typology, rectangular (of thin build) and hourglass.

We give you a brief summary of how you can make the most of the round neck according to these three typologies:

  • Triangular typology:

Triangular body people have narrower shoulders than the hip, so they need to add volume to the upper body to visually balance it.

This is why this type of neck is ideal for you! To make the most of it we advise you to play with colored blocks, use light colors (which add volume) in the upper area and dark colors (slimming) in the lower area.

If you also add a trend, like the T-shirts with messages you will focus even more on the upper area of your body and you will go perfect and fashionable.

Here you have an example:



  • Rectangular typology:

This typology is balanced with shoulders and hips, but needs to mark the waist for its lack of curves.

Wear it with a pleated midi skirt so as not to break the balance of your shoulders and hips and add a belt to the waist to tighten and style your torso.




Important: if you are of rectangular typology, but of wide build this type of neck will not be ideal for you, because it will widen your shoulders even more visually.

  • Hourglass:

This type of body is the ideal of current beauty. It has the same proportions of shoulders and hips and also has waist. If you have this type of body just reinforce your curves and natural figure through the wardrobe.




As you have seen there are many options to use this neck, use the one that best suits your body and style.

And if the round neck doesn’t suit you, don’t worry because there are many more and we’ll show them to you soon.

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