Minimalist style



Surely this term sounds to you because in recent times has been very present in our society.

Are you clear about what it means? It is about getting rid of all the unnecessary elements and using only the basics in your looks, and it can be applied to fashion, architecture or art.

Below I will give you some key points so you can start in the world of minimalist fashion.

The shape of the clothes should be simple, straight and without frills.

Smooth and pastel colors are your allies in minimalism, avoid eye-catching colors like oranges or greens.



Less is more is the great motto of minimalism, so keep it in mind!

Do not use flashy accessories but one that identifies you, but my advice is that if you can, avoid them.

The footwear complements the look, so look for rather simple designs. My advice is to take advantage of some white sports. They are simple, they will not recharge your looks, they are comfortable and having several models you can find one that identifies you.



Makeup is a delicate subject since we tend to like it to be slightly noticeable. In this case you must obviate eye-catching eye shadows and red lipsticks. You can choose not to use makeup or do it in “washed face” style




Ideally, you should wear slightly loose garments, since those that fit your silhouette tend to create a more exuberant appearance.

The good thing about this style is that you wear garments that you will surely have in your wardrobe like a white shirt, black trousers or white sports pants.

To finish, I leave a list of great designers who use minimalism in their collections so you can be inspired by them when creating your looks:

Jil Sander, Comme des Garcons, Helmut Lang, DKNY, Calvin Klein and Maison Martin Margiela.

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