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PART 1: How to Combine Makeup According to Your Outfit

In fashion, you have to consider all stylistic factors to properly complete your look. Visually, makeup and clothing must be in tune. The basic rule to achieve harmony between them is to highlight one of the two. If you decide to enhance the makeup, it is preferable that your outfit is more subtle, and vice versa.

This rule typically doesn’t apply when going out with a night look. You can enhance the makeup and wear a more daring and sensual dress in these types of occasions.

Of course, this is just a general style tip, but you may have other opinions. How bold you decide to style yourself depends on your personality and mood. If you want to harmonize your look, read on.

First of all, I will explain the theory of seasons so that you can consider the colors that favor you most in makeup.

Winter and autumn are based on cold colors.

Spring and summer are based on warm colors.


Hair: dark blond with a warm golden hue. It may have a little red or light brown or light brown

Eyes: light blue, turquoise blue, green and often contain yellow dots

Skin tone: warm (golden yellow)


Hair: ash blonde or light brown

Eyes: light blue, bluish gray, greenish gray, slate blue, hazelnut

Skin tone: cold (pink and blue)


Hair: warm dark

Eyes: warm green, gold / amber, hazel, turquoise /teal

Skin tone: warm (gold, beige, copper)


Hair: dark brown to black.

Eyes: light/bright blue, light turquoise, green, and violet

Skin Tone: cold (clear, porcelain with blue shades and pink complexion)

In the event that your outfit is more simple, with basic colors such as white and black, you can enhance your look by the colors of your makeup. Depending on the current season, choose a color from the previous palettes that suits you best.

Choose either your lips or your eyes as an attention-grabber. If your best feature is your eyes because they are bright blue, make eye-catching shadows on your eyes and use a light lipstick. It is important to keep this balanced otherwise your overall makeup look might be too intense for the intended look.

If your look is dominated by bright colors, combine it with neutral makeup. Stick to light colors, such as a nude tint on the eyes and lips.

When you want to create a look with bright colors, you can use the monochrome concept in which both the top and bottom are the same color. Another option is to take into account the color chromatic theory circle. This theory consists of combining the opposite colors in the chromatic circle. This way you will be able to harmonize your outfit by means of the complementary colors.

You can coordinate the colors of cheeks, lips, and nails or that within the same range of colors. Combine warm colors that have a hint of yellow, like orange or red, and keep those separate from cold tones, those that have a blue tint, like green or lilac.

PART 2; Make-up Tips, According to Your Eyes

All of our faces are different, with different shapes of eyes. Let’s talk about how to do make up according to your eye type and highlight your beauty.

Enlarge the eyes

Larger eyes, in general, provide greater attention and attractiveness to the face than the small ones, which is why makeup can be used to enhance this feature.

Step by step:

Make up the lower area of ​​the eyelid in medium and dark tones, accentuating the crease and diffusing upwards.

The crease should start from the end of the upper lid.

The eyelid in light tones.

The upper outer lid should have a thickness of thin to medium and draw an ascending line that separates from the end to give amplitude.

The inner lid can be lengthened leaving a separation with the upper, it could also be separated from the tear duct.

The water line, the part just underneath the eye, is made up of light colors.

The eyelashes can be lengthened with a lot of mascara.

If false eyelashes are used, it is recommended that they be separated by groups. This way they will not overwhelm the eye.

Descending the Eyes

The descending eyes can provide a romantic look, but generally they give elements of being tired and sad. The correction to get a good result should not be exaggerated. In the event that the eye is down, the correction would emphasize the problem even more. We recommend a horizontal line as a solution.

Step by step:

The outline is marked starting from an external angle and continuing in an upward direction drawn by the outer water line, while keeping the eyes open.

The crease must round towards the center of the eyelid, ending with a soft blur.

The upper lid should only become thicker from the highest point of the eye curve.

The lower lid can be separated from the lower lashes at the level of the lacrimal.

The inside of the eyelid is made up in light tones.

The lower lashes should be avoided. The upper eyelashes should be extended.

False eyelashes can be used on the external corner of the eye.

Draw a point of light under the arch of the eyebrow.

The eyebrows will be corrected slightly to an ascending shape.

Separating the Eyes

If the distance between the eyes is less than the size of an eye, try this strategy for a widening look:

Step by step:

Make up the internal angle with light and matte shadows.

Accentuate the external angle of the eye with dark shadows that are lengthened by blurring.

Outline the eye from the middle of the eyelid, lengthening the external angle. Both the upper and lower eyelids can be emphasized if desired.

The eyelashes are made obliquely and the lower ones are avoided.

The inner half of the water line and the tear line can be made up with a white pencil.

The eyebrows are shaped to separate at the beginning until it is above the tear and will lengthen slightly at the end.

If false eyelashes are used, they should be located only in the outer half of the eye.

Zoom-In on Separate eyes

The distance between the eyes is greater than that of an eye, try this technique to make the eyes appear closer:

Step by step:

Bring the dark shadows closer to the inner corner of the eye.

Detail the eye in a dark tone including the lid. You can emphasize the upper and lower eyelid and also add to the water line if the eye measurement allows it.

The tabs of the inner corner should be directing attention towards the interior, while the middle and outer areas of the eye are put in straight form.

If false eyelashes are used, they should not be too big. Avoid placing them on the external line of the eye.


This routine can be used to enlarge sunken eyes:

Step by step:

Make up the eyelid in light tones.

Shade the crease very softly and diffused towards the eyebrow.

The outline of the eye should be thin and flush with the eyelashes.

Add white pencil to the waterline

A bright, clear shadow can be used in the center of the eyelid, lengthening it towards the eyebrow.

The eyelashes are made up extensively. We even recommend false eyelashes for a more dramatic effect.

Keep the eyebrows at a minimal width

The entire lower eye contour will illuminate.

Lifting Drooping Eyelids

Occasionally, the folds of the eyelid fall over the eyelashes and creates a sunken look. This is commonly seen with old age, but can reach rejuvenation by correcting it with these tips:

Step by step:

Darken the eyelid with a dark gradient at the level of the eyelashes that will soften towards the fixed eyelid

Use a darker tone on the line where the crease should be to simulate it, creating an upward effect on the outer end of the eye.

Darken the part of the eyelid that falls on the eyelashes, softening it towards the basin designed with shadows.

A point of intense light is placed under the eyebrow.

The water line is made up in a clear, white or raw tone.

Apply a lot of mascara for an abundant eyelash look

Individual false eyelashes can help hide the drooping of the eyelid.



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