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Surely more than once you have put on a black dress during the day, for the office, a funeral, a party or to enjoy free time. To this day, it is something totally normal, but it was not always like that.

In the 20s women wore light colors, these were difficult to obtain and therefore expensive. Black was reserved only for mourning or for servants, because it was easy to wash.

1920s Dress

Everything changed. For the first time, in October 1926, a sketch of Coco Chanel appeared in Vogue USA, it was the famous LBD (acronym for Little Black Dress). Shortly after, the same designer wore her innovative garment in the theater. In those times, it was a great revolution.

Coco Chanel sketch

A black and short dress destined to release the canons of the time, to empower women through elegance. During the day it was used wool, evening lace or velvet.

In 1961, Audrey Hepburn’s movie ” Breakfast at Tiffany’s ” became famous. One of the elements that most characterize the film is the costumes, especially the black dress that shows the protagonist of the film, a ‘Petite Robe Noire’ ‘by Givenchy.

Audrey Hepburn wearing LBD

This dress is also part of historical moments, as when Lady Di appeared with him on the same day that Prince Charles confirmed his relationship publicly with Camilla Parker. Diana was revealed against the ” dress code ” of royalty.

Carrie Bradshaw

(played by Sarah Jessica Parker in the popular series ” Sex at the city ”) was exhibited on many occasions with the famous garment, wearing it through different models.

More recently (2018), a month before Megan Markle was married to Prince Harry, Women’s Empowerment was presented with the already classic dress, with asymmetrical neckline and pencil skirt.

Meghan Markle

A very curious fact, that we can not ignore is the exhibition organized by the SCAD Museum of Georgia and Vogue in 2012. It exhibited 80 ” Little Black Dresses ” from the 20s to 2010, with designs by Marc Jacobs, Prada or Balenciaga, among others.

As a result of all the lived with this great article, we can affirm that we are before a dress that never goes out of fashion worthy of being a basic in our closet.


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