Joe Lenora, our CTO and shareholder



Joe Lenora, our CTO and shareholder, pitching about Vudoir in Colombo for Startup Jalsa Pitch Sessions 2019 at Likuid Spaces.We decided to pitch at Startup Jalsa because we will be looking at entering the India to offer our services. This year, Pitch Sessions are being organized in 4 countries in South East Asia – India, Bangladesh, Nepal and Sri Lanka. Having an important part of our team in Asia gives us another way to see the Asian market and better appreciate how powerful is today: “One hundred two billion dollars. That’s how much the value of ecommerce in Southeast Asia is estimated to exceed by 2025.”  One of the main trends in this market is highlighted by  Edouard Steinert, eCommerce Thailand’s Director of Channel Management “consumers today want to hear genuine feedback and reviews about a product and become more averse to hard-sell methods.”

In this regard, we believe than a personalized advice to help the consumer on their more complex questions makes the consumer get engaged and increases ARPU and LTV more than aggressive discount campaigns and other “hard-sell methods” sometimes used to desperately boost results.

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