Improve your online store


Why do most online stores fail? How can we sell more ? What can we change in our website ? All these are valid questions one must try and answer to improve our online store conversion rate. The conversion rate is the % of customer that complete the Sales funnel in a website. The sale funnel starts when a customer enters the website and ends when we checkout and pay for a product.

When creating an online store there are certain factors we must take into consideration that will help us have more sales and improve the overall site experience.

Let’s start with a good photography of the products, improving pictures of the products in the website will definitely stand out and make a difference.

Without a great budget there are several ways we can give a professional look to our pictures. A photo light box is an affordable way to make your products look neat and attractive to shoppers. We can buy one online or even make a DIY project and build your own with simple and affordable materials.

Merchandising and organizing the store are also important factors we must apply in our store. Creating categories for your products and giving them clever and attractive names will make easier for customers to find exactly what they are looking for and will even motivate the customer to browse more categories.

Your has site to be extremely easy to navigate and to find the cart and checkout page. I myself have encountered websites that are difficult to navigate and even start the checkout process. Its like the web developer didn’t want anyone to buy in that particular website because finding the ¨pay now ¨ link was impossible. Its OK to even have different ways to get to the same Checkout page. Try not to overwhelm the costumer with options but rather structure the website to have very fast loading times and look as intuitive as possible.

Another key element that will guarantee success is to have an outstanding Customer Service. It is hard to stand out from the competition because of the countless options available online but adding elements to your E-Commerce like Vudoir will improve the overall site experience and help the customer complete the Sales funnel. Vudoir can provide real time assistance to customers that need help with deciding what to buy. With real time assistance customers will not feel abandoned as they shop and will return to your site if you can offer an enjoyable experience.

Last but not least, we can recommend to have a secure checkout process that displays your seal and that will transmit confidence to the shopper. Make your seal obvious during the checkout process. It’s a fact that one of the reasons we don’t complete purchases is because a website checkout page may look fishy and suspicious. This might be one of the most important reasons customers are not buying in your site.

Try and offer a Guest checkout and also the option to register in the website, don’t force the customer to register to complete the purchase. All the efforts done before the checkout process can be sabotaged if the final page is full of ads and doesn’t look professional nor secure.



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