How to go from a casual look to one at night?



Have you ever had an unexpected party and you haven’t had time to fix and look for an adequate outfit ? Surely the answer is YES.

The best thing for these cases is not to get nervous. Try to make the most out of the outfit you’ve already worn and try a little. How?  Very simple.

Most of us use jeans daily. Unless it is a formal party or tag, you can be served in this type of unexpected. Now, although we love jeans we should know that they do not fix enough. To get a look worthy of a party you have to play fairly with the top.

The easy way is to use a shirt / blouse. The color, pattern and design will depend on your style and the image you want to project, however I suggest you follow the trends of the moment.

If you want to give a more sophisticated image you can add a blazer that breaks with the carefree jean .


Do not forget the complements, they also help to move from a casual look to one at night! Small bags (preferably hand-held) are the best option. As for shoes, some stilettos or high-heeled sandals also help a lot when it comes to transforming an outfit .

TIP : You can combine the color of the bag and the shoes to give a little color.

As for jewelry, remember: LESS IS MORE! Dare with a maxi necklace .

TIP: If you use a maxi necklace , try not to use large earrings.


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