How to achieve a ‘sporty chic’ look



Now more than ever, a large number of people are including the sporty chic look in their day to day. Both for casual and semi-formal occasions.

This trend has been established bluntly. It has had a great acceptance in the world of fashion and many brands have reinvented themselves thanks to it, creating clothing and accessories related to this style.

While the fusion between fashion and sport has created a radical change in this sector and many people passionate about this style have decided to introduce it in their daily outfits.


Here we can see a sporty chic look, where we find an apparently elegant set but with an informal point that gives the sneakers.

The coat stylizes the silhouette by its straight cut, the blouse will give a romantic and feminine touch and the trousers provide a formal look.

Without a doubt it is an ideal combination for your looks in which comfort and simplicity are imposed and create an ideal harmony in the outfit. It can be considered a more daily set but for many women it is a great option to go to the office.

When we wear a look with sneakers, we always think that the combination will be more sporty than chic, but if we combine it with a pair of trousers or a skirt, the ensemble is better suited to this style.

All fashion-loving girls opt for this outfit, even when they are semi-formal events, and gives them an ideal chic and trendy touch.

We hope you have a great experience with this type of combinations and know how to create outfits in an expressive way and that highlight all your qualities.
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