Get the most out of your sneakers!


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Are you still stuck on the belief that sneakers are only meant to be worn with jeans?

Let me tell you that this is changing. Today, sneakers are worn with every type of outfit, even work and formal attire. Don’t believe me? Let’s take a look at how sneakers can be the missing piece to a nicer outfit.

Sneakers with dresses

Most people think that the combination of sport and dress is absolutely absurd; However, this look is gaining more popularity every day, and it’s no wonder with the comfort that these shoes provide. Even platform shoes are a great option as they replace the classic high heel.

Sneakers with Skirts

Denim or printed skirts, no matter the length, are perfect with converse-type sneakers. Personally, I like to combine my black leather skirt with a red, striking jersey and white converse. This combo can even be worn into autumn and winter by pairing it with a long coat, a big scarf, and warm socks. In spring and summer, I prefer a denim skirt with a basic shirt and sunglasses.

The key is to experiment!

Style Tip: Try getting a neutral colored pair, such as white or black, so it’s easy to pair with any top.

Sneakers with a Suit

When you think of suits, you are probably thinking of dark, professional colors. What do you think about breaking this belief by combining a suit with a set of colored sneakers? It sounds somewhat insane, but it definitely works. Here are some examples:

This trend also works vise versa; If you do not have a pair of vibrant colored sneakers, you can do the opposite, by combining a colored suit with black sneakers.

With this option you can create very funny and original looks, whether it’s at work or going out. If it is a solid suit, you can use sneakers with print. However, if the suit is patterned, like diplomatic stripes, it will be better to use sneakers of smooth and neutral colors.

Let your imagination fly and add your personal touch to every outfit!



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