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How many companies says that the customer comes first, second and third? The rise of customer centric, however, has made it a reality. And it is that only the best ecommerce have understood the importance of offering a service of the highest quality with the greatest possible adjustment (customization) to the consumer and their interests.

But a customer-centric company is not limited to “having customers” happy. The customer centric does not only seek to provide a perfect service during the first purchase, but actively seeks that their experience be positive before, during and after it, thus favoring the repetition of purchases and the consequent loyalty of the consumer. To achieve this, this methodology depends on the feedback of its consumers, capable of feedback and strengthening the results of the customer centric.


Interest in customer centric has shown moderate growth in recent years, according to data provided by Google Trends from search traffic:

The level of personalization of the customer experience and good quarterly results They keep a close relationship, according to theconsultancy Deloitte: analyzing 250 million consumers, determined that the customer centric offers a 25% increase in sales, as well as a 300% improvement in the customer’s useful life.

According to Econsultancy, a group of companies surveyed said that their customers’ shopping experience was the most interesting opportunity for 2019, due to their influence on conversion rates and consumer loyalty.

Are price competitiveness and product quality the big differentiating factors of brands? Astudy Walker assured that the customer centric and other strategies related to the user experience would exceed the price and the product in this regard.


Customer centric allows, first of all, to increase customer satisfaction, discovering what aspect they are most excited about in a particular product / service, with the purpose of maximizing them.

The customer is the one who takes the floor in the customer centric, in a way, which brings the benefit of recognizing and taking advantage of new growth opportunities, such as the optimization of the product / services in certain aspects or its expansion into unsuspected niches.

It is not always possible to compete in terms of quality or excellence (think of a new bottler trying to overcome Coca-Cola or Pepsi flavor). The customer centric, on the other hand, opens the door to added value: being the best in offering a unique customer experience.


5one: The ShopperCentre application, owned by the London company 5one, has been developed to offer customer-centric business solutions through marketing, merchandising and other areas.

Qualtrics: Founded in 2002, this Seattle company offers customer experience-focused services aimed at improving the customer experience throughout its useful ‘life’.





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