Discovering diamonds



Did you know that the diamond is the hardest stone in the world? Each type of cut of each of them directly influences the name that the gem will have.

But … What else do you know about this precious stone? 

Here you can learn a little more about this exclusive diamond and much desired by the public of high purchasing power.

The diamonds began to be used as ornamentation thanks to the Romans and little followed by India. These stones were encrusted in iron rings because they meant power and were used to boast that wealth that very few possessed.



Diamonds and diamonds? What is the difference between them?

This precious stone is a mineral formed solely by carbon. When this stone is as it is found in nature it is called “gross” since no action has been taken on it, whereas if we apply a type of size it will be named with that size . One of the best known sizes is the round or bright one that is popularly known as bright.

The brilliant size is the most popular in the market since it has a classic use in jewelry, its round sizing consists of fifty-seven sides.

And his weight … and its color?


The weight of a diamond is in carats (ct), the origin of the carat denomination comes from the ancient Indian tradition. One carat of cut diamond equals 0`01 ct.

While the ratio grams / carats is from 1 to 5. Therefore, 1 gram equals 5 carats and 1 carat equals 0.20 grams.


The color of a diamond is another of the factors that intervene in the price of a cut diamond.

Here is an important note!

Keep in mind that a cut diamond is much more beautiful, scarce, valuable and the more transparent (white) it is, the better.

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