Brides of the World


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European content

When we think of a bride, we usually visualize her in a beautiful white dress. Around the world, tradition changes according to religious beliefs, clans or continents.

Specifically the bridal dress in European countries is what we all know, a white wedding dress to the taste and style of the protagonist. In some areas, traditional costumes mark preference.

In Scotland, the groom wear a “Kilt” skirt from their own clan. The brides a white dress in which they later add a handkerchief with the colors of their new family.

Hungarian brides opt for an embroidered flower dress in three light hues, along with a crown of woven wheat.

Norway follows its traditions regarding bridal attire, as they shine with their typical “Bunad” costume and with a crown.

African continent

Nigerian brides visited according to their ethnicity or religion. They are usually covered with brightly colored garments and head ornaments called “Gele”.

The country of Ghana also bets on multiple shades according to family tradition, both for brides and grooms.

Asian continent

Surely the best known outfit for the brides of this continent is that of India. Women dress in ‘’Gagra Choli’’, red dresses adorned with golden elements.

Mongolia opts for traditional clothing for both boyfriends, called ‘’Deel’’.

7 dresses are those used in Iraqi nuptials. The reddish hue is a symbol of love and romance.

White Kimono during the ceremony (symbolizes purity and virginity) and red after the celebration (luck) is the typical clothing of Japan.

The Korean tradition to exhibit in this type of celebration consists of ‘’Hanbok’’, a dress based on a long-sleeved blouse coupled with a narrow waist skirt made of silk or cotton).

The island country of Sri Lanka dresses its brides with a luxurious silk sari, veil (European style) and rhinestones ornaments with odd number.

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