90’s returns


You go to the stores and it happens. Does it sound like the clothes that are sold? Normal, the fashion of the 90s returns. Going comfortable was (and is) the most important thing.




Urban tribes reigned the streets and fashion. The influence of rap and grunge had a great impact on the style of most young people. Through the first, we can highlight the large size clothing in many looks. In the second style, relaxed clothes marked a trend.

At the top we could find T-shirts and shirts printed with flowers, rhombuses, stripes, fruits, images, colors, checked shirts … Now, the trends are stripes, colors, flowers, figures and checkered shirts. We could say that the same fashion but with a more relaxed touch.



Striped Shirt (Pull&Bear)



Bomber jackets are today a basic piece in many cabinets, especially in young people. They are comfortable and offer a variety of colors and patterns. They are not the only jackets that have returned, the denim jackets are also essential for day to day, especially in spring and autumn.



Bomber (Amazon)

If we talk about pants, it is worth mentioning the return of classic denim jeans with breaks, vintage style. Also, of the cargo pants, comfortable and practical due to their pockets.

The complements have always helped to finalize a look. In the 90s they were no less. Currently, we can find hats from the Raiders brand, which triumph among young people. Another trend from the 90s is the fanny packs, perfect for storing the essentials (today our smartphone is the most essential, before the Tamagotchis).


Raider Hat

Maybe the great return of this decade is in the footwear. Dr Martens and Converse were and are the stars. Boots to go comfortable but trimmed and sneakers for sport looks. In both, all kinds of colors are acceptable. The most used are white and black.


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