3D printed clothing: a new trend



That the technology is more advanced every day and does not stop surprising us is not new. That’s why today I bring you a new trend: clothes printed in 3D.

In a few years it will not be uncommon to go down the street wearing clothes, shoes or even printed jewelry. Although now it is something that only big brands and haute couture can access, it is a matter of time that it is something accessible for everyone.

Currently, 3D garments can be seen mainly in fashion shows or through celebrities who already wear designs of this type, where we can highlight the extravagant designs of Lady Gaga or the wings of the Angels of Victoria’s Secret.

The material that was used initially to make these designs was the plastic, although the problem of this is that it was not very flexible and very limited. The models could not sit since the garment could be broken very easily and the design left marks on the skin. For this reason designs are currently made with other materials such as FilaFlex, nylon or resin, among others, which are much stronger and flexible at the same time.

The negative part of making these garments is that the cost is very high and, in addition, it is a very slow process. Danit Peleg is an Israeli fashion design student who created a complete collection consisting of five garments. The creation of the design and the research process took nine months and, after printing it, more than 2,000 hours.

As a small piece of information I leave you that there is also a printer that creates makeup. It was created in 2014 and you just have to choose the code that refers to the color, send it to the printer and it mixes the pigments. The result can be in the form of powder or cream.

I hope that thanks to this article you have been able to know more about this new technique, the technological future is on the way!

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