Frequently asked questions about the Program

1What benefits can I get through the Z-generation Board?
- Entrepreneurial experience
- Start of a professional career
- Direct contact with a Company working in fashion and tech
- Interesting contats: Vudoir founders and investors, Instagramers, Youtubers and important people from the fashion and tech worlds
- Invitacions to Vudoir events
- Visibility in the media
- Personal branding
- VIP entries to parties and events
2Does the progrma has any cost for the School or the Student?
In this fisrts edition (first call, second call and third call) there won't be any cost for the School or the Student. Only in the case a meeting will be done in a city different than Barcelona we might ask for a reimbursement of the travel and accommodation costs. In any case, these costs would be quantified and agreed upon the beginning of the program. By applying to the program you agree that no cost will be charged to Vudoir. Vudoir prohibits that the Schools charge the parents of the student for participating to this Program. Vudoir has the right to change those conditions in the following edition of the Program that will take place in 2017, or even to cancel the Program.
3How will the selection process look like?
• Option a) If your School has an agreement with us: Your School will do a first screening and, later a commission of 3 people from Vudoir will choose the candidates based on the info presented. This commission will be made of the two main founders plus one of their mentors and/or investors. We will make sure to have a mix of the following profiles: fashion/social nets lovers, tech lovers, creative minds • Option b) In the case your School does not have an agreement with: The selection will be done by the Vudoir commission directly using the criteria mentioned above.
4When and how will I know if I was selected?
• For the First call: not later then October the 1st we will publish in our web the name of the selected students. • For the Second call: not later then November the 1st we will publish in our web the name of the selected students. • For the Third call: not later then January the 1st (2017) we will publish in our web the name of the selected students.
5How many seats do we have in each call?
The maximum number of students we are going to accept is 10, even if from time to time, we might invite other students we think can bring additional value and enjoy a specific meeting. If during the Board period some seats will free up, we will get in touch with the other students who applied, based on the ranking we will define. Vudoir has the right to choose less than 10 students if we will evaluate that there are not enough students with the desired profile.
6How many Z-Generation Board can I be part of?
In case you have been chosen for a Board, you can't be part of another, at least until the Third call has been completed, but if you were not chosen in a specific call you can still apply to the following one.
7How to behave in a working sessions?
You have to be on time and if you can't participate it should be for very special reasons. You have to think that you took a seat that many others wanted and that a good meeting exit depends from you as well. You will have to respect you turn to talk and listen carefully, not just think about what to say. Grow the empathy, try to understand the reasons of the others and build your opinion, don't judge without listening. It's about building a team not to be the star of the group. We would like you to ask, don't be afraid to do it even if they look obvious to you. Try to establish personal relationship with the people you meet during the boards because this is the best way to do networking. In case you are not behaving as explained, Vudoir has the right to expel you from the meeting and to contact the school or your legal representative to come and get you.
8What if I don't live in Barcelona?
In Vudoir we want to offer to students from all Cataluña the opportunity to participate to the Program. If we can encounter enough talents in another area of the region we will organize ourselves so to give you the opportunity to live this experience with us.If you like the project and you think you are a good fit, don't hesitate to apply, wherever you are!
9I have more doubts, how can I contact you?
You can send an email to [email protected] You can write us also to suggest some improvements and to tell us what we can do better.
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