Meet Vudoir, the Startup organizing the Z-Generation BOARD

Vudoir is the company who created and owns the app Vudoir, a free mobile application available for iOS and Android devices in 151 countries, through which you can choose which one of your outfit fits you better or which one to buy.

The way it works is very simple: upload two pictures with the two different looks in the app and the community (the other users) will vote which one they like the most. The feedback is always positive even if there is always a winning side. If you are in a rush to get a feedback you can activate a timer that allows you to ask for an answer in 5 minutes. The maximum time you can set is one week, while if you don't specify a time, your post (your Vudoir) will be active for 24 hours. You can also describe the occasion for which you ask for an opinion (e.g. #excursion, #date, #concert #familylunch) and specify also your location. The other users can comment on your looks, for example to suggest you a different detail or to ask you where you bought that shirt. If you prefer, you can create an anonymous account with a username and profile picture that are not really showing who you are.

Vudoir is young, techy Company operating in the fashion segment. Do not hesitate to ask us something about things that passionate you. We have agreements in place with companies organizing events, managing VIP lists in the clubs, with instagramers and youtubers. If there is smoething that makes you happy and that we can help you achieving, be sure we will do it!


What is our Program about

10 young people, 3 months and one mission

• To share with you Vudoir vision and a real entrepreneurial experience

• Once a month we will discuss about: user experience, market segmentation, user acquisition campaigns, tech development, gamification, brand internationalization and communication strategy. Imagine to be able to say that you took part to the definition of a new technology or that you took part in the definition of an international communication campaign! Would you like to meet Spanish top entrepreneurs that could help you to achieve your dreams?This is what we will do in our meetings. Vudoir is going to be the Snapchat or the Instagram of fashion decisions. You can't miss it, can you?

¿Would you like to partecipate?
Before applying to the program, have a look at the Vudoir app, think about which aspects you like and which you don't, take a note of your doubts you will get while analyzing the app and read some of our news in order to be familiar with both the product and the people/philosophy of Vudoir.


When you can apply and when the meetings will take place

When to apply?

First call. From September the 1st to October the 1st 2016.
Board duration: October the 1st, December the 31st (a meeting per month)

Second call. From October the 1st to November the 1st 2016.
Board duration: November the 1st 2016, January the 31st 2017 (a meeting per month)

Third call. From November the 1st to December the 1st 2016.
Board duration: Jnuary the 1st 2017, March the 31st 2017 (a meeting per month)

What are the board meetings dates?
The first edition of the Program will take place in the months of October, November and December 2016. We will meet once a month for about 2 hours in our office at the Mediatic building in calle Roc Boronat 117, planta 2, Barcelona.

The meetings calendar is as follows:
• Tuesday, October the 11th from 18:00h to 20:00h
• Wednesday, November the 2nd from 17:00h to 19:00h
• Wednesday, December the 7th from 17:00h a 19:00h
In October we will disclose the calendar for the Second Call meetings.