Vudoir OneDecision is your online sale force, helping you to convert visitors into clients.

Shopping cart
abandonment rate

Choice-overload impact on
online sales


Average rate for European
e-Commerce according to a
collective research of the Baymard Institute


Choice overload affects 40% of the
potential online purchases
according to Accenture

OneDecision impact on
average Session length

OneDecision impact on
Conversion Rate


In sessions where the user interacts with the OneDecision solution. Measured by Vudoir's Customers


In sessions where the user interacts with the OneDecision solution. Measured by Vudoir's Customers

Provide your Customers with a satisfying experience

Make them feel cared when buying online. Increase their happiness by easing their purchasing decision process.

Reduce the choice overload factor for a higher conversion

Give them a real-time second opinion when they need it. 57% of online fashion and beauty purchases happen thanks to a third party recommendation and feedback.

No conflict of interest

You could advise your Customers directly, but would they appreciate your feedback as much as an independent one? Probably not. We bring to them what the value the most exactly when they need it.

Do not interrupt the Customer journey

Thanks fo the OneDecision flow, your customers do not need to leave your website to ask for a second opinion, we bring it to them directly in your e-Commerce.

Social recommendation done in the right way

Your Customer will receive a second opinion in just a few seconds. No need to stop surfing your website while looking for a positive feedback, this second opinion will arrive smoothly to him, and it will not be a generic review but a reccomendation tailor-made on his doubt.

The easiest integration ever

A code snippet to add in the footer and a tag to add in the conversion page. As easy as integrating Google Analytics. Our current Clients did it in less than 60 minutes.

Configure and customize your Widget

We defined different events that indicate a potential abandonment of the page or a lack of engagement of your visitors during the customer-journey. Decide which ones trigger the Widget appearance. You can also decide on which pages you want it and the position of the icon on the screen.

A platform agnostic solution

Thanks to JavaScript, OneDecision is compatible with any kind of CMS and e-Commerce platform you are using. Even if it's a homemade hybrid.

Check your metrics whenever you want

Anaylze insight, patterns and trends through the ODM (OneDecision Manager). A user-friendly web console meant to provide you with all the information you need. Session duration, number of Widget interactions, post frequency, post content, conversion rate.

Desktop, tablet and mobile

Decide if the widget will be available only on desktop or also on mobile. We have created a specific user experience for each device. With drag&drop of the product pictures on a computer or a modern tablet, and with a selectable products carousel on smartphones.


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