Enjoy the Summer with The Hip Tee

The Hip Teee

Claudia Fabra and Claudia Hernández are the founders and creative directors of The Hip Tee, a modern fashion brand ideal for your day by day.

Their aim is to reach the whole world with their brand and that people like their design as well as their prints. Thanks to their fabrics, their garments don’t seem to deteriorate with use nor after washing. They are made to be a must have of your wardrobe.

The majority of their clothes are made of 100% cotton and the print seems to be done with screen printing, since it isn’t a pattern that is disappearing or getting ruined with washings.

The design and printing of the pieces are quite original and modern, they are not what we are used to see in the others stores, thanks to their uncommon cuts and this original touch making this brand to stand out. They have a section dedicated to sweatshirts that are made of recycled material, a very special production technique that is gaining its public. A great way to create unique items.


Vudoir stylists advise you on The Hip Tee web through the OneDecision widget from 15:00 to 23:00, Monday to Friday!


Vudoir & The Hip Tee 2018

Vudoir & The Hip Tee


The Hip Tee garments are very original, but the brand offers also basic items for that part of the public who doesn’t be always at the center of the scene. They focus on women of every profile, and this is definitely positive for the brand.

They also have a gorgeous bikinis and swimsuits section, ideal fro this time of the year. A great variety of fashionable models, many designs and different patterns giving plenty of options to every customer.

The Hip Tee have precious accessories as well, perfect to get that youthful touch we always look for. From handbags to hair bands – now very fashionable – you will surely find something to make your outfit even more special.

While focusing on women’s clothes, The Hip Tee gives special attentions to the young audience and all who love to stand out by wearing something really unique. From a price-quality perspective, the garments are quite consistent and affordable, so thumbs up.

Taking advantage of the last month of summer, we propose you an outfit perfect to enjoy your last vacation days wherever you are.

We start from a pretty surfer t-shirt ideal for these hot days, combined with a long gray skirt that is now very fashionable and will give you a very cool touch. And to complete it, we add a hat to protect yourself from the sun and the suffocating heat of this Summer.


Enjoy the Summer! Always with a cool and audacious touch!

Judit Asensio

I belive in fashion like a way of expression, a presentation letter without needing anything else. Have you ever heard the sentence... " there's only one opportunity to make a good impression"? Fashion is inspiration, is freshness and it teached me to express myself without the need to say a word. Now I am learning (In asesoria de imagen personal y corporariva) how to help other people to play with fashion... what about you? Would you dare?

Xenia Font

I never thought I would end up in the fashion world, in fact, I started my career in the nursing sector because I like to help the others. Then I discovered I enjoy advising all the people around me, about what to wear and how to find the best look for their body. Thus, I found my great passion for fashion and, with work and specific training in Personal and Corporate Image Consulting, I have turned this hobby into my profession.I am a water polo player, I'm used to team-working and I know how to get out of my own style to find the best one for the others.