What should I do to Apply to the Program?

If after knowing us a bit more you decide to apply, please send us the following materials

1) PRESENTATION VIDEO (link to Youtube or any other format accessible from a Laptop or a mobile).
Send us a 3 minutes (maximum) video including:
(i) Who you are. Name, age, which calss you are attending, in which school (name of the school and city/quarter).

(ii) What are your motivations to attend the Program. Tell us why you would apply.

(iii) Something you did and you are proud about (at a personal or educational level) something you want to improve or you took wrongly in the past. For example: my average notes in the third year of ESO were good, but I can do better. I had difficulties with maths but in the end I went through it. I like to dance, I practice a lot to improve myself and now I even teach dancing classes to young kids. I like to work in team, I know how to identify the strong points of others and keep the spirit up. I have to improve my attitude in being more positive, when something goes wrong I feel really bad and I need an external help to believe in myself.

(iv) Something you like about the Vudori app and something you don't. Put something creative in your video, it deosn't need to be a show but you need to stand out from the crowd. Help us understand who you are and why you should be in the Board.

The archive shall be named: Zgenerationboard_+First char of the name+last name. E.g.: Zgenerationboard_afranco.

2) CV (Academic and personal) (PDF format)
Send us your CV. We know you don't have a professional experience, but please share with us: your average notes for each class, which languages you speak, can write or can understand, and at what level. Any working experience or training you took in a company, personal projects, sports, any other activity/ability you might have (e.g: I am a master of the social networks, I use microsoft office very well, adn so on). Your CV shouldn't be longer than one page. Don't worry your teachers will help you writing it. In case your school is not part of the Program you can have a look at this page as an exmple.

3) LETTER (PDF format)
Last but not least, write in max 150 words what you would do to grow the Vudoir user base in the next 3 months, within a target of users from 12 to 25 years old. Think like if you were the owner of the company/app. Creativity at the first place!


Here is how to apply, in practice

Option a) If your school has an agreement with us
You will send all the material we described above the the person in your school that is responsible for the Z-Generation Board. In the email subject you can indicate: Vudoir.- Z Generation Board Application Form attaching to the email all the requested material. In case you are under aged, your school will ask the authorization to your legal representative (parents, tutors) so you will be allowed to send us the material and be part of the program.

Option b) If your school doesn't have an agreement with us
If you are under aged, before sending us all the material you have to fill the form (you can download it below) where your legal representative (parents, tutors) will consent you to send us the material and give you the permission to participate to the Program.

In both cases - Option a and Option b - once we analyzed your application, we are going to delete your CV. We will save just your video and your name with your email address. It is very important that your legal representative will accept the T&C of the Program before you apply for it. You can ask us to access your data in our database at any moment to modify or delete them, in full respect of the Data Protection law.