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Did you ever think that it could be possible to wear a bag made off with the roots of a mushroom?

Our world is changing, and now people is realizing how important is to take care of our planet. That’s why a lot of products nowadays are ecologic, most of them are food, but the fashion world is also getting into this change.


There are some designers that are making vegan fashion, and they use cruelty-free materials, and one of those designers is Stella McCartney. Now she has partnered with Bolt Threads to create a new textile called Mylo and it looks like leather, which it’s perfect if you are a fan of this material, because you can have a product which looks like leather without hurting any animal.

Stella McCartney Mylo Bag

Stella McCartney Mylo Bag

That’s why this material is made with mycelium, the roots of a mushroom. To bring this product to the market, they’re launching a new design of the Falabella handbag, but it’s not available, and the designer said she hasn’t the intention to put it on sale. But it will be on display at London’s Victoria & Albert Museum’s “Fashioned from Nature” exhibit at April 21. Normally, the materials to dye the textiles are so toxic to the environment, and we don’t want it, so the good part of Mylo is that you can dye it with tea, even if you can’t have all of colors that artificial dyes provide you, it’s a fantastic option because you can have some beautiful colors without hurting the environment.

As I said before, Stella has partnered with another company called Bolt Threads. What this company do is to create new fibers only with ecologic materials, like spider silk. The benefits of their materials can be better than other artificial materials, these characteristics are stretch, strength, comfort, water resistant, softness and light-weight, all benefits for your textiles. They say that their technology moves away from petroleum-based polymers, toxic process and non-renewable materials because they are using a closed-loop production, sustainable fabrics and more renewable solutions. This company it’s a very good example of evolution. Most of their designs are not available for sale, but you can find them at Modern Art’s design exhibition.

Stella McCartney Bolt Threads

Stella McCartney Bolt Threads

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