New York Fashion Week Spring 2017 Blog Trends

New York Fashion Week has just wrapped up but we are still in fashion heaven with all the amazing trends we saw.
This season trends consisted of bathrobes, slouchy trench coats, and different shoulder details reminiscing ones favorite ’80s dance flicks.

Stripes are also back, totally Nautical vibes this season with the stripe trend. Military outfits are still going strong as the color khaki, and the more masculine silhouettes are used to make amazing trendy pieces on the catwalk. This season the color yellow is the new black. Beautiful shades of yellow graced the catwalk as one of the most universal colors. A variety of shades that can suit all skin tones.

Skin, skin, skin, this season more skin is the ultimate trend, cutouts, slits, and off the shoulder styles are the coveted trend. Bare shoulders like cutout shoulder tops or flash dance shoulder tops, are favorites this season. Designers like Bottega Veneta, Oscar de la Renta, Gucci, Carolina Herrera and Lanvin. All hit the catwalk showcasing amazing new trends.

The “put together but still feel comfortable” trend is here to stay. Slouchy trench coats and robes are the must-have fashion trend this season adding easy, and comfort to any look.

Many of these slouch and oversized looks also consisted of a snatched waist with corsets, fold- over waists, and Boy Scout stashes These asymmetrical details brought not only uniqueness to all looks but created the trendiest of silhouettes.

Fashion is fun; it can be the best way to express ones own style and feelings through clothing. We get excited to be inspired and make up our own kind of looks. However as each season new trends come up and we get so excited about them, sometimes those trends look amazing on the model and we are doubtful about how good it actually can look on ourselves.

We can always ask a friend, a relative, or a random stranger. However with the Vudoir app you can ask a fashion community and can get an answer instantly on your mobile device. Try out all the seasons’ trends and let the Vudoir community pick out the trend that looks best on you.

Imagine going to fashion week and thinking, “I have nothing to wear”! You have less than thirty minutes to pull together a look and no one is around, Vudoir can help! Post the two looks you are doubtful about, add a Dive-minute timer to move along the decision process, wait and let the Vudoir fashion community decide. It’s so simple! Vudoir helps users turn a doubt into a decision. Vudoir gives you the ability to make decisions on a positive platform with positive feedback.