Maria Guedes Fashion lover From Portugal

Maria Guedes

Maria Guedes Pereira, 20 years old and I'm studying Chemical Engineering. Fashion and photography lover, writing about her passion in her personal blog. A true inspiration for an entire generation..

Maria, If you could have just one single outfit in your closet, which one would it be?
That's difficult because I really love clothes haha but I think a skirt, some cool sneakers, and a shiny top would be perfect!

Make a confession!
I'm a little bit shy!

Who is your favourite designer/brand?
I don't really care about brands, if I like I will probably buy, no matter what brand it is. But, of course, I have my favorites like Zara or Mango.

If you had to identify your style in three words or less, which ones would these be?
Two. Funny and versatile.

What has been your biggest mistake and achievement professionally or personally so far?
Right now I haven't achieved that much, but I'm really happy to see that I maybe inspire other people with my outfits. I should have started this a long time ago and that's the only thing I regret.

Lastly, what’s a quote or saying that you love?
Be whatever you want and don't let other people say you can't.

Take a look at Maria's Blog
It's really cool and full of awesome outfits!