How to dress when you are pregnant, 22 tricks that worked for me

Vestir de embarazada

How to dress when you are pregnant? Clearly this is a question that concerns us, but we have to go over it and take it as easy as possible.

Pregnancy is a time in which the woman is simply beautiful. An impressive moment that plays in our favor but on the other hand our body is in a constant change and you do not see “you” as yourself. The clothes have to help us to be comfortable, in the first place, and be stylish so that, although we gain weight, we do not see ourselves in a way we don’t like.

It also happens that, towards the end of pregnancy, a woman is more tired and less eager to get ready. It is totally normal, but instead of letting us go, we can take advantage of the fact that our face has a special shine that makes us more beautiful than ever.

Thanks to my two pregnancies experience, I’m going to tell you the tricks that worked best for me.

1) Most of the clothes that you will need can be found in your usual stores. That urge to buy specific clothes for pregnant women is no longer valid. That does not mean that if you want to do it you can’t, but it should not become a problem not having these stores close to home.

2) What you will really need as a pregnant woman is something comfortable for the lower parts, especially as the belly grows. There are some pants with a elastic waistband bag type to fit the belly that are a real joy. You can find them in stores such as H&M, Mango, Primark… One tip: do not buy them tight, not only to be more comfortable, but to last the entire pregnancy. Keep in mind that, as the months go by, you will gain weight.

Vestir de embarazada: 22 consejos

How to dress when you are pregnant: 22 tricks that worked for me.

3) Sack type dresses, which are loose and do not tighten anywhere, are perfect. There are many types: with prints, colors, smooth, with a lot of fall… You can choose them in your size or in a bigger one if you have a lot of belly, which will lift the dress in front, and it is better not to shorten it.

4) Empire cut dresses, which used to be worn a lot, are a good option too. They are very feminine and enhance the belly, something that I personally loved because it is a stage of life that we do not often go through.

5) Choose blouses and fabrics with good fall instead of the classic cotton that fit a little more to the belly.

6) Warm sweaters, you will love them. They bring up the belly and are very stylish.

7) Play with wider sweaters and skinny pants to balance your silhouette.

8) Try to roll up your sweaters and shirts to give a touch of freshness and not look too wide or loaded.

9) Wearing a jacket or a long vest with a little tight dress will help you to get a more structure look and avoid being bulky.

10) Do not abuse overly broad garments because you will look too bulky. Go wide enough to be comfortable, but do not look like you’re going with super large sizes.

Vestir de embarazada: 22 consejos

How to dress when you are pregnant: 22 tricks that worked for me.

11) Wear elastic fabrics, especially at the beginning of pregnancy, because they will adapt very well to the growing belly.

12) You will probably be able to continue using the outerwear that you have, but it will be more complicated (or impossible) to close them up. Therefore, I recommend the layers. I got a very warm pregnancy and I was stylish during the cold weather as well.

13) Showing the belly line is precious. It is true that there is a tendency that invites us to disguise it, but showing our tummy is something that makes us proud and shows how much we love us in an elegant way.

14) Another way to enhance the belly is to wear thin belts just above it.

15) Use empire cut tops with ruffles.

16) Choose fabrics that transpire well. During pregnancy you will probably sweat a lot more. It is good that the clothes help you feeling the air...

17) To have the feeling of being fashionable, play with accessories that are trendy. They will give a cool touch to your look.

18) Wear necklaces that enhance your face. It is the classic trick of diverting the eyes. If you do not want to focus the attention on your body, direct it to your face, because you’re beautiful. The bib type necklaces will be perfect if you have a lot of breast.

19) Do not abuse of big bags because you already know that we tend to fill them and we do not need to carry weights.

20) Wear high heels or platform shoes if you’re used to them. Of course, be cautious because you may be more clumsy than usual and you have to avoid falls. Wearing high heels helps to lift your looks. Limit them to a restrained height if it gives you more security.

21) A trick, if you want to extend the life of your jeans or pants, use a rubber band and pass it through the buttonhole and attach it to the button.

22) If you want to use your stockings, make a couple of vertical cuts to the belt to feel more comfortable.

I wish you a great pregnancy. Enjoy it.

Antonia Fuster Camps

My life has always been linked, in one way or another, to the world of fashion and personal image. First as a model, later working for different fashion brands, accessories and jewelry (Tous). Through this I made my experience learning the secrets of this profession. In 2003 I fulfilled my dream of opening a boutique with my own selections of clothes and fashion accessories.