Flor Gaona, Style and Travel Blogger at Si Toco Rock

Flor is Argentina's very own travel blogger and style expert. Here effortless style will have you clicking for more!

If you could have just one single outfit in your closet, which one would it be?
A basic shirt with inscription, denim shorts, leather jacket or denim and bourgeois (boots).

A confession.
I like to wear a good pair of sneakers or bourgeois (boots than a pair of stilettos. I love being comfortable and canchera!

Who is your favourite designer/brand?
I really like Saint Laurent. I love to shop at stores like Forever 21 and Pull and Bear.

If you have to identify your style in three words or less, which ones would these be?
Rocker, comfortable, bohemian.

What were your personal of professional biggest achievement and biggest mistake so far?
Luckily I do not regret anything! My achievements I believe have been to study, to make a trip and to leave my work full time, which is what I am doing now, and to be able to work of what I like.

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