Vudoir F.A.Q.

General Questions

1What is the Vudoir App?
Vudoir is a Social-Fashion App helping people to decide which of two specific outfits is nicer and to see what dress code others like to wear for a certain occasion. Once you downloaded the App, register your profile and start voting the pictures you like the most and create your own posts.
2How can I get it?
If you have an Android or an Apple (iOS) device you can get the App from Google Play or the App Store by clicking on the specific buttons in the "For you" section of this website. In alternative, go to your store and look for "vudoir". If you have any problem in finding, downloading or installing the app do not hesitate to contact us!
3How can I create an Account?
Creating an Account is really easy. Once you downloaded the App you will be able to see the timeline but every other action will require authentication. When you are on the registration page you can choose to use Facebook registration, Twitter registration or generic e-mail registration. The only 3 information that are mandatory are your e-mail, a username and a password, so creating your Vudoir Account will take just a minute.
4What if I want to delete my Account?
You can delete your Account and all the pictures you uploaded as a user, by sending an e-mail to
[email protected]
and simply ask for it. We will handle your request within three business days.
5Tell me more about connectivity usage and performances!
Vudoir is a visual App, this means it relies on images. Every time you create a Vudoir or open the timeline to see the Vudoir of other people, the App is using the available data connection to load all the images from remote. We consider as priority to give you a higher quality of the images, even if this means to decrease a little the app performances. You will notice that the loading speed depends on the quality of the connection. We are working hard to reduce the connectivity needs to improve the performances without decreasing the quality of the images. Every future version will bring you better results, so - please - update the App every time a new version becomes available.
6What kind of permissions should I grant to the App?
In order to create a Vudoir, you will need to grant access to your camera and to your image gallery. We kindly ask you also to allow push notifications to get the full Vudoir experience. Remember that, in case you don't want to receive notifications, you can disable them from the "App settings" menu in your Profile section.

How to use the App

1How do I create a Vudoir post?
To create a post (we call it "Vudoir"), login into your account and tap the yellow button in the middle of the lower buttons-bar. In the first screen that will appear, you will be able to:
- upload the two pictures between which you want the users of the Vudoir community to vote (you can either shoot them or load existing ones from your gallery)
- write a caption to help the others to understand what is the occasion
- define a time within which you need to get the feedback
- decide if you wan other users to be able to share your Vudoir on other social networks.

Once you have set all of the above, just hit the NEXT button on the upper right corner and you will see the second (and last) screen of the Vudoir creation process. In this screen you can
- see a summary of the Vudoir you are creating
- set the location related to the Vudoir you are creating (you will be asked to grant the access to the location info)
- share the Vudoir on other social networks.

Once ready, just tap on the POST button and your Vudoir will appear at the top of the timeline.

Trust us, is faster to do it than to read this detailed explanation!
2How can I vote a Vudoir post?
Voting a Vudoir is very easy: just tap on the picture you like. Once done, the App will register your vote and show you the following post.
Please note that you can vote a Vudoir only once and your vote cannot be changed once is done.

Tip: in case you tap and hold the finger on one of the two pictures , you will see its bigger version.
3What is the Vudoir post description for?
The Vudoir description is very important because it allows other users to understand the reason why you are asking for advice.
The outfit for a job interview, for example, is very different from the one for a wedding.

A Tip: use hashtags in the description to allow users to find specific Vudoir in an easier way. In the discovery section, in fact, is possible to search for posts based on hashtags. Cool, isn't it?
4Why should I set a timer for my Vudoir?
Setting the time within which you need to have a feedback, helps the others to understand your urgency. Imagine that you have to go to a party tonight at 22:00, if you post your Vudoir around 17:00 you need to have a feedback within 21:00, right?
Note: the longest time you can set is one week, the shortest is five minutes.
5Can I delete or modify a Vudoir once created?
Yes, you can! Simply tap on the icon at the bottom-right corner of your Vudoir post and you will see both the options. Of course, this options are visible only for posts you've created.
6How can I share my Vudoir on other social networks?
You can share your Vudoir during the creation (in the last screen of the process) or, once is created, by tapping on the sharing button below the two pictures.
You can also share a Vudoir of another user in case that user allowed that during the Vudoir creation process (in the first screen of the Vudoir creation, to be precise).
Currently we support sharing on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google+ and e-mail.
7How do I comments a post?
Commenting a Vudoir post is quite simple, just tap the message icon right below the two pictures and you will access the comments screen. There, you can read comments from other users and post your own as well.
We recommend our users to be always respectful of other people, their opinion and the content. We want you to feel at home when in Vudoir, so treat the community in the way you would treat your family.
8Some Vudoir posts look different than the others, why?
From time to time, you will see posts coming from a specific fashion brand. Those posts have been created by people who are surfing the e-Commerce website of that brand and are asking for a second opinion about what to buy.
Your vote is important! Give them your opinion! Help them taking the right decision.
You can also comment those posts, but your comment will be visible only inside the Vudoir App unless you are a Personal Shopper user. If you are interested in becoming a Vudoir Stylist or Personal Shopper please visit the "For stylists" section of our website.
9I don't like some specific content or how another user is behaving. What can I do?
If for any reason you don't want to see a Vudoir anymore or a user is bothering you, simply tap the little arrow on the right of a single Vudoir and specify if you want to report that Vudoir or block that user.
Our support team will analyze your request and react in the most appropriate way and in the shortest time possible.

Photo shooting tips

1How to actually take a good shot
Vudoir is all about pictures! It's important that you take your shots properly if you want to get a good amount of votes and opinions.

There are three ways to take a good Vudoir picture:
- In front of a mirror. This way you can take your full figure and you won't miss any details of your outfit!
- With a selfie-stick. A longer arm might help you a lot! Just keep the phone in front of you and slightly over your head making sure to include your full figure.
- With a friend! Having somebody taking a picture of you is for sure the easiest way, isn't it?

Of course, if you are alone, you don't have a mirror nor a selfie stick, you can still enjoy Vudoir. In case your phone has the self-timer, use it. If not, jut take a selfie but make sure you are including all the outfit details you want the community to vote for. Worst case scenario, put your clothes on the bed and take a picture!
2The photo scenery
Taking a picture in the right environment is very important. You don't want the others to be distracted by your DVD collection on the background or by the nice dog playing right behind you.
Always prefer a monochromatic background, something that makes a high contrast with your outfit (lighter if your outfit is dark and vice versa). If you are outside you can use a wall or even a landscape if not too crowded. Avoid places with a lot of people or a lot of colors because they might influence the opinion of who is voting.
Last but not least pay attention to the lights. You need to be shiny and the shadows shouldn't cover any angle of your figure.
3Photo filtering
Vudoir doesn't offer any filtering option, we want the picture to be as much real as possible. The reason is simple: YOU are the core element of the post. You and your outfit. When you go shopping with your best friend, you don't have filters available when you ask her or him what they think.
In case you still prefer to apply some filtering we encourage you to use your phone native filtering or other Apps dedicated to that. Our suggestion is to limit this to the minimum, anyway.
4Tips for the person in the picture
So, you got the perfect place, the perfect lights, and you even have your best friend there ready to take a picture of you. What's next?
Just be yourself, don't spend too much time preparing, the more real you will look the more valuable will be the feedback. Don't cover your outfit, assume a position that allow people to see every detail. If you are shy you can always hide your face or keep it our of the picture. It is not a problem! And remember... have fun! This is the only way to get beautiful pics.
5Use your device properly
If possible, always use the back camera (it has a better quality and, usually, a flash light). The self-timer might be very useful in case you are alone and need to put the phone over the table, for example. Keep your lens clean. Always make more than one version, especially if you are going to post your Vudoir later. Who knows what you will think about that single picture after a few hours! :)

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