Enthralling Tips to Choose Awesome Footwear for Summer 2018

Summer 2018

It’s definitely time for you to make certain changes to your wardrobe. Now that you have some cash to yourself, you’re allowed to spend on things like Forever 21 clothes, jewelry, Skechers and designer shoes.

With shoes, however, it’s always very tricky as there are a lot to consider when buying a pair. To help you out, take the following tips for your next shoe shopping escapade:


Your Size

Ideally, it is a very helpful tip for you to consider the size of the shoes and how they might relate to the size of your legs. Whenever you’re considering size, ensure that you put into consideration the speed with which your legs grow. That way, you’ll be able to ascertain whether you’ll still be able to have these shoes and make use of them in one or two years (you know, barring things like you giving them away, them getting stolen, etc.).

If you see a pair of shoes and you find out that your chances of being able to wear them in the next six months is slim because they would have started to ache your toes, then I honestly doubt that those shoes will make for a smart investment.

To wit, it is absolutely a must that you don’t pick shoes that are the same size with your legs. If you do so, you’re leaving no allowance for your shoes to grow and in the end, the shoes won’t last long with you wearing them.



Trends are significant when it comes to shoes (I mean, they’re a part of fashion, aren’t they?). If you’re going shoe shopping, you should ideally be informed on the latest shoe trends.

Are people wearing brogues more or oxfords?

What brand of sneakers do people seem to be into these days?

Questions like these will definitely help you in making your decision.

Also, it is important that you consider future trends as well. So that means that if you’re looking to buy casual shoes, you should know that names like Sketchers an Gucci seem to be on everyone’s lips at the moment. Feel free to get those.


Care and Maintenance

How easy will it be for you to clean the shoes you’re looking to buy when they get dirty?

What are the steps involved when you need to clean them? Do you just wash with soap and water or do you need to be careful about colors and fading?

What type of polish do you need to get these shoes back to their original color?

It might not seem much, but these questions actually matter a lot, especially if you’re the type of person who doesn’t have much time for things like cleaning shoes. Ensure that the shoes you get are easy to clean and that they perfectly meet your needs.


Your Budget

There really is no way the money issue won’t come up

It’s always awesome when you get to buy shoes, but you also have to make sure that the shoes stay within your budget. There’s no sense in breaking the bank and almost bankrupting yourself just because you need a pair of new kicks, is there?


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