Elena Milla: Vintage Queen

From running her own vintage online store and also being a full time mom today’s blog guest Elena Milla juggles it all with ease and style. Her handmade Levi’s vintage originals are stunning everyone and showcasing her creativity and sense of fashion, we’re so excited to have her on the blog today!.

Elena, If you could have just one single outfit in your closet, which one would it be?
Something as practical as possible. I love Jumpsuits, that would be ideal.

Make a confession!
I must confess that every night before I go to bed I watch Keeping up with the Kardashians, I love them! They are the only people I would switch lives with for a day.

Who is your favourite designer/brand?
Without a doubt, Balmain has always fascinated me.

If you had to identify your style in three words or less, which ones would these be?
I have always said that my style is indefinite. I like almost all types of styles, I am very classic with my look and my hair, I don’t dare to change that. Instead, I take all of my risks with fashion, I’ll try anything.

What is your biggest mistake and achievement professionally or personally so far?
Professionally my biggest achievement is my online shop
on Instagram where I customize vintage clothes. Since I started I have been greatly welcomed from my boys and girls mima and haven’t stopped working. Personally, my little girl, Aylén. The best experience of my life was becoming a mom. A mistake? None, I'm very happy!

Lastly, what's a quote or saying that you love?
Sooner rather than later.

Make sure you check out Elena’s online store @mimaiggers on instagram!