Carolina’s Kitchen

The Carolina's kitchen is an original site that combines the two things we all love, fashion and food. Carolina Ferrer makes food stylish with a camera and her hands.

If you could have just one single outfit in your closet, which one would it be?
A long white dress.

A confession.
I know that in my instagram pictures I look like if I am super organised and neat, well, the fact is that I am a complete disaster in real life :P

Who is your favourite designer/brand?
Josep Font is my favourite ever designer, no matter what brand he works for.

If you have to identify your style in three words or less, which ones would these be?
Natural, essential and feminine

What were your personal of professional biggest achievement and biggest mistake so far?
My biggest professional achievement has been being live out my passion. My biggest mistake? There are no mistakes that don't make you better later on as a professiona, but if I had to chose one, maybe not focusing on my career as a cook before.

A sentence that you love.
"We don't stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing." -George Bernard Shaw

Ever thought that food and fashion could go together?
Don't waste more time and check out this fashionista's delicious creations! /h3>